Dorado time, en route to the Cook Islands

Approaching Palmerston Atoll, Cook Islands

Bubu and Swany at anchor in the roadstead, Palmerston

Eddie, our host and the local policeman, Palmerston




At anchor, Palmerston


Waiting for the freighter, Palmerston

David, Palmerston

Shery and Eddie's home, Palmerston

Sue and John's home, Palmerston

The chicken shed, Palmerston

Cory and Eddie, Palmerston

John, David and Tuakana Moi, Palmerston

David and Simon, Palmerston

Landing the day's catch, Palmerston

Landing the day's catch, Palmerston

A regular fish factory - processing about 300 fish in record time, Palmerston

The local school, Palmerston

Shery and the Maori class, Palmerston

Senior class, Palmerston

Serena proudly showing off her new bike, Palmerston

Messing about with the kids, Palmerston

VHF radio clinic (Conor with Bubu), Palmerston

Going fishing, Palmerston


On the reef with David, Palmerston