Approaching Colon, Panama (Atlantic Ocean)

Colon, Panama

Panama Pilot approaching yacht anchored in the 'Flats'

Doing the paperwork for the canal transit in Pamina's cockpit

Entering the first lock at dawn, behind a 'Panamax'

These trains manage the line tension for large ships

Panama Canal

Turbulence as engines start

Panama Canal line handlers

Panama Canal

Canal workers walking across lock gates

Two-way traffic in the Gatun Lake

Behind 'Petrel' in the Gaillard Cut - the narrowest part of the canal

Being overtaken by a car transporter towing a tug

Tug, bridge under construction, car transporter

Looking over Miraflores Lock - going down

Sharing the Miraflores Lock

Departing Miraflores Lock

Panama Canal

Last locks open to the Pacific Ocean, Panama Canal

Bridge of the Americas, Balboa, Panama (Pacific Ocean)